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Automatic Benefits

Generally speaking, most people will find learning to drive in an automatic car easier than learning in a car with manual transmission.

In a manual car, the driver had to deal with gears and a clutch pedal. Although automatic cars have gears and a clutch, the car ‘automatically’ changes engages the clutch and changes gears for the driver. This means much of the physical work is taken away, leaving the driver with both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Put simply, there is less for the driver to do in order to drive and control the car. This allows the driver to concentrate on other essential aspects of driving, such as steering and planning ahead.

When learning to drive in a automatic car, you will learn to start, stop and steer more easily. You will pull away from junctions and traffic lights without the fear of stalling. You will also find roundabouts much easier to negotiate. Without the gears & clutch to worry about, you can concentrate on passing your test and ultimately a safe, competent driving skill for life.

Automatic is a popular choice among young learners who have found it difficult to get used to the clutch and gears in manual lessons as well as being equally suitable for older people. Maybe you just want to pass your driving test as quickly as possible?

Advantages of learning in an automatic